Version 1.4 from November 2, 2023

When developing AI, Germany should focus on its competencies and consider the needs and assets of local technology-leading industries, society, and science. Only then, and only with swift action, can decisive, competitive advantages emerge despite the current backlog.

To achieve this goal, SPRIND proposes four parallel strands of action:
Image: DALL·E

Four parallel strands of action

Enable SPRIND Challenges for the development of application-specific AI for the concrete use and further development of AI in the verticals.

Enable a SPRIND Challenge for the development of data pools for the provision and curation of high-quality, unique data pools from business, administration, re-search, and society.

Promote open source LLMs analogous to the Sovereign Tech Fund model to boost local, future champions.

Provide computing capacity with parallel development of specialized hardware.
This document describes a mission-oriented approach that can be quickly put into action. SPRIND can be used as a tool for implementing Challenges and providing project funding. SPRIND can be commissioned in-house.