Around one billion people currently have no access to electricity. With inexpensive and durable electricity storage systems, a reliable global power supply could become reality in the near future. The quality of life, especially in rural areas, would be massively improved. It could also provide important impetus for sustainable growth.

The "Weltspeicher" innovation competition is advancing the development of such a universally usable storage system for domestic use. The requirements are concrete: It must be at least as powerful as existing market solutions, while being significantly cheaper to purchase and maintain. In addition, the storage tank must be built in an environmentally friendly way and be easy to operate together with solar systems or other regenerative power generators. Target regions for this battery of the 21st century are in particular sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

But affordable and environmentally friendly power storage systems are also important and groundbreaking for industrial nations. This is because they can mitigate the consequences of the fluctuating supply of sun and wind in the grids by temporarily storing the energy from solar plants and wind farms in the event of overproduction. The following therefore applies (worldwide): No real "Energiewende" without intelligent energy storage systems.

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