Tissue Engineering

Hello people with radical new ideas! We need pioneering solutions for the treatment of patients with artificial tissue. We need you.

Many patients are dependent on donor tissue or organ donations. However, the high demand for donor tissue and organs cannot be met by far. Therefore, patients suffer from long waiting lists and countless medical challenges or die before a donation is available. Artificially produced tissue, on the other hand, promises a lasting improvement in the quality of life for these people.

In recent decades, scientists, engineers and doctors have developed tools to construct biological substitutes that mimic natural tissue. However, the ultimate goal of overcoming the limitations of traditional organ transplantation remains unachieved.
Tissue Engineering

Demonstrate: the feasibility of a novel approach to tissue engineering for first-in-human transplantation.

The aim is to develop an advanced concept that will produce the most refined artificial tissue to date. This tissue must be as close as possible to natural human tissue (size, structure, complexity) and may include elements such as the engineering of cells, the development of tissue architecture or engineered materials.

Start of the 1st stage

On November 1, 2023, this SPRIND Funke started stage 1 with a total of four teams. The aim of the first stage, which will run for eight months, is to demonstrate the characteristics of the artificial tissue. SPRIND provides funding of up to EUR 500,000 for this stage. In the second and final stage, which will run for two months, the teams will each receive up to an additional EUR 100,000 to advance the planning of a first-in-human trial. The teams will be supported by SPRIND, receive expert consultation and will be connected with a broad network of subject matter experts.

The teams

Cellbricks GmbH

Cellbricks GmbH

ZonalCartHT – Bizonal cartilage grafts

ZonalCartHT –
Bizonal cartilage grafts

Muscle Engineering for Human Transplant

Muscle Engineering
for Human Transplant

Functional Bioprinted Pancreas Tissue

Functional Bioprinted
Pancreas Tissue


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