SPRIN-D Federal Agency
For Disruptive Innovation

A home for
people with radical new ideas
The Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation SPRIND is creating spaces for innovators, where they can take risks and think radically different.



We have big goals. Want to come along?


The Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation SPRIND helps radical new ideas and technologies that make all our lives noticeably better to achieve a breakthrough.

We support "high potentials" from research institutions, universities and industry with money and know-how before, during and after their company formation so that they can successfully bring their inventions to market.

“Made in Germany 2.0:” We create a spirit of optimism in Germany and Europe – working together to generate economic benefits that come to life here in Germany and help secure our future prosperity. The projects with our support promote European solutions in digitalization or accelerate groundbreaking innovations in the fields of life sciences, environmental technologies and sustainability.

Are you yourself working on great ideas, discoveries and inventions for the future that offer answers to the immense challenges of our time and can lead to economic benefits in Germany and Europe? We invite you to introduce us to your specific project for disruptive innovation here.