A disruptive innovation is an innovation that changes our lives for the better in the long term. It can create a completely new market, fundamentally change an existing market to create a completely new ecosystem, or solve a massive technological, social or environmental problem.

The spectrum of German disruptive innovations ranges from radio and television to aspirin and electron microscope, as well as automobiles. Disruptive innovations that shape our lives today – such as the Internet or the smartphone – do not derive from Germany.
Are there focus topics or are all topics equally relevant?
We are open in our choice of topics as long as they are based on our humanistic European values and are non-military. All scientific, technological, economic and social challenges of our time offer potential for disruptive innovations. You can find examples among our projects and all further information under Submit project.
Why doesn't SPRIND have funding guidelines?
SPRIND is not a traditional funding agency and therefore does not have dedicated funding guidelines. Funding guidelines normally require a standard program according to which grants are awarded. SPRIND, however, is a new kind of instrument that aims to identify and support potential disruptive innovations. This requires deviating from the norm and finding individual answers and bespoke solutions to questions and problems in relation to the projects it supports.
How can I submit my project?
Please find all relevant information here.

To submit your project proposal, please use the submission form.
How much can SPRIND invest in the coming years?
For the start-up phase 2019-2022, funds of at least 151 million euros are budgeted. The agency is initially planned as an experimental phase for a period of ten years. For this ten-year term (from 2019), a total budget of around 1 billion euros is expected. Further information in German can be found on the BMBF website.
Leipzig is a beacon of innovation policy. We deliberately chose a location in an East German federal state – without compromising on the other criteria: urban spirit, entrepreneurial and innovative power, scientific orientation and excellent transport connections were the decisive factors. We are convinced that Leipzig is an attractive and powerful location for the agency.

How was the Supervisory Board of SPRIND selected?
In addition to representatives from our shareholder, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Supervisory Board also includes prominent personalities from business and science who contribute their expertise in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. It was also important to us to have equal representation, which is why we are very proud that five women and five men have accepted the appointment to this important body.
Who is on the supervisory board of SPRIND?
Please check here: Corporate Governance.


I am unable to use the submission form. Can I still submit a project proposal?
Alternatively, you can send your project proposal to PROJECTS@SPRIND.ORG

Please use the following guiding questions to describe your project. In addition, you are welcome to submit supporting documents.

In order to be able to evaluate and process your documents, we require a short, informal agreement to our data protection declaration from you. To give your consent, please simply add the following sentence to your mail:

"I/we declare that I/we agree to the processing of my/our data in accordance with the SPRIND GmbH data protection declaration dated 10.06.2020".

If you are unable to submit your project digitally, you also have the option of submitting the proposal by post.
Can I present my project proposal in person?
Please understand that we can only accept project submissions digitally (by submission form or e-mail) or by post. Unfortunately, a proposal of your project is not possible in person. All further information can be found here: Submit Project.
Is there a template that I can use to structure my project or are there key points that need to be emphasized?
To describe your project, please use the guiding questions we have compiled. You will also find them in our submission form. This will enable us to best assess the disruptive innovation potential of your project.
What scope or depth of content should my drafted idea have?
In order to give us an insight into your project and thus facilitate the thorough analysis and evaluation of the project, we ask you to answer the guiding questions in the submission form in as much detail as possible. You are also welcome to send us further documents, e.g. your pitch deck, pictures of the project or a patent.
I have not yet patented my idea. What is the procedure to follow in this case?
You do not need a patent to submit your project. However, if a patent is available, you are welcome to send it along with your project or note the patent number in the submission.

Overall, we give top priority to the confidentiality of your data. At SPRIND, all employees or, if applicable, called-in experts are therefore bound by a non-disclosure agreement.
What type of person/institution may submit a project?
Any type of institution is eligible to apply. Therefore, among others, small and medium enterprises, large companies, research centers, individual researchers or universities may submit a project.
Is it possible that the project is not submitted by one applicant alone, but by a consortium?
Projects can be submitted by individual applicants as well as by a consortium. It is important, however, that a contact person is specified for analyst queries.
Can I introduce my project to you for an initial assessment via email, without fully submitting it?
Due to the large number of project submissions and with regard to equal opportunity, an initial assessment of your project is not possible. We therefore ask you to submit your project via the submission form in full with all requested information.
Is it possible to amend my submission at a later date or to submit an updated version?
You may add new information to your submission at any time. If you would like to add new findings or documents, for example, please send them to PROJECTS@SPRIND.ORG.

If you wish to revise your submission completely, please fill out the submission form once again and notify us via PROJECTS@SPRIND.ORG about your updated submission.
How is a project selected?
The projects that we want to pursue are selected by a panel of experts. We are open in our choice of thematic fields as long as they serve civil purposes.

Details of the selection process can be found here: Submit Project.
How long does it take until I get an answer?
You will get a confirmation after your submission within a few days. Each project submission is presented to our experts and assessed by them. All submitted documents will be considered and careful research will be carried out. If it turns out that the idea does not fit into SPRIND's field of activity, we will inform you. The selection process may take up to 12 weeks.
How do I know where my project currently stands?
You can request the current status of your project at any time by emailing projects[at]sprind.org.
How many of the projects submitted receive support from SPRIND?
It is in the nature of disruptive innovations that they are very rare and furthermore difficult to predict. Therefore we only support a small percentage of the projects submitted, at the moment about 2 %.