We have big goals. Want to come along?

We are looking for people who want to join us in shaping the future. As a part of SPRIND, an organization that may be called the German “Agency for Disruptive Innovation” but that thinks and acts more like a start-up.

Our mission: We support and link radical new thinkers from science and business so they can develop new, groundbreaking products and services from Germany.

Job offers of our subsidiaries


Nanogami is pioneering the next-generation biochip for research, diagnostics, and personalized medicine. The biochip platform offers ultra-high feature density, modularity, and adaptability to integrate and enhance sequencing, transcriptomics, and proteomics applications.


Pleodat's goal is to build the future of knowledge from data and make our digital society more secure, trustworthy and transparent. Starting point is the innovative database system CortexDB. In several agile teams, the existing system is further developed so that the ingenious, cognitive approach can reach a broad market.


Gixel GmbH and Viaholo GmbH work together as a research cooperation on the future of communication. At Gixel our goal is to explore, innovate and design a novel next generation augmented reality experience.

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