Press release 29 May 2024
Six teams qualify for SPRIND Funke “EUDI Wallet Prototypes”

Press release 19 April 2024
SPRIND Funke: Ten team qualify for autonomous drone race

Press release 9 January 2024
SPRIND announces the participants of the SPRIND Funke "Tissue Engineering"

Press release 5 December 2023
Call for participation: SPRIND Funke "Fully Autonomous Flight"

Press release 29 November 2023
Four teams selected as finalists of "long-duration energy storage" challenge

Press release 18 October 2023
Final phase of the Challenge: Four teams will each receive up to €2.5 million over the next twelve months for developing new, breakthrough drugs against viral infections

Press release 29 June 2023
40 million euro to develop new bioprocessing technologies in order to integrate waste stream valorization through biomanufacturing concepts with conventional manufacturing

Press release 26 April 2023
SPRIND Challenge "Carbon-to-Value" wants to turn back CO2-clock

Press release 6 December 2022
Six teams receive up to one million euros for the development of their "Long-Duration Energy Storage" concepts

Press release 28 November 2022
Disruptive innovation for antibody-based immunotherapy: Plectonic develops "switch" for specific targeting of tumors

Press release 26 October 2022
Six teams receive 1.5 million euros each for the development of new antiviral agents

Press release 29 July 2022
SPRIND launches innovation competitions on "Long-Duration Energy Storage" and "New Computing Concepts"

Press release 17 May 2022
SPRIND Challenge "Carbon-to-Value" starts with five teams

Press release 8 November 2021
Erste SPRIND Challenge „Ein Quantensprung für neue antivirale Mittel“ startet mit neun Teams (in German)

Press release 22 September 2020
Peter Leibinger und Birgitta Wolff zu Vorsitzenden des Aufsichtsrats der Bundesagentur für Sprunginnovationen (SPRIND) gewählt (in German)

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